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Amelia-Nottoway Technical Center

Cultivating Career Ready Citizens Through Education, Empowerment, & Employment


It is that time of year, FAFSA Time! Have you completed your Financial Aid (FAFSA) application yet?  Click  the links below for information on how to complete and submit your FAFSA application!


Federal Student Aid

State Council of Higher Education of Virginia

Federal Aid Toolkit

Virginia Education Wizard

If you have questions please contact your home high school (Amelia County High School, Nottoway High, or Cumberland High School. Your School Counselors will point you in the right direction for assistance with financial aid.

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Friday News 9-10-21


Amelia-Nottoway Technical Center (ANTC) is extremely happy to once again welcome ANTC students. The ANTC staff is very passionate about career and technical education and we look forward to working to provide our students with rigorous and relevant academic experiences. ANTC will always strive to provide outstanding programs in an environment where students prepare for meaningful employment. We look forward to working with our students who are Preparing Today for Success Tomorrow. 

Valarie Harris


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Our team is dedicated to keeping our students safe, and our students' health and well-being are included in those efforts. We've heard a lot about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and want to assure you that we are focused on keeping our schools clean, as well as reminding our students of good hygiene habits.

Click here for tips from the Virginia Department of Health on preventing the spread of the virus.

Click here for more information from the Centers for Disease Control.  

‚ÄčAmelia-Nottoway Technical Center is located in the town of Jetersville in Nottoway County, Virginia. High school students in the counties of Amelia, Nottoway, and Cumberland are afforded the opportunities to be transported to the center for Career and Technical Education programs. Currently, the following CTE programs are being offered:

Auto Body Technology


Medical Assistant

Nurse Aide

Culinary Arts

The school has developed the philosophy that all people, regardless of race, sex, color, or national origin should have the advantages of educational opportunities, to the extent of their abilities. The school's educational programs should prepare and educate students for an ever-changing society. During the educational process, the school's staff utilizes all available resources, agencies, and organizations within the community to guarantee some degree of success in overcoming barriers for our students.

Amelia Nottoway Technical Center also houses the Piedmont Alternative School for Nottoway County students.