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College Is Not For Every Student

It is safe to say that not every student will go to college, and there is nothing wrong with students choosing not to attend college. While college might not be for everyone, CTE provides another avenue to success. A college degree is not necessary for many jobs and there is a market for high-skilled non-college educated labor. In 2017, fifty-five percent of the best-paying jobs were in manufacturing, transportation, and construction. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a construction supervisor or mechanic can both make a median annual wage of $60,000.00. Not bad!

What would happen if educators embraced the mantra “college isn’t for everybody”? As educators, we need to realize that we do not get to choose which students will and will not go to college, and we cannot direct them to a path that they have no desire to follow. However, it is our charge to educate every student and meet their various needs. You may have a different opinion, but please consider this list of successful individuals who do not possess a college degree!

Steve Jobs       Rachael Ray       Dave Thomas    Richard Branson     Albert Einstein       Oprah Winfrey 

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PreK - 4th Grades

At-Home Health Checks Required

Each morning before the student leaves home, parents are required to answer the health questions.

If any response is “yes,” the student must be kept at home.

Health Check Questions

+ Temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher

+ Cough or sore throat (different from usual/new)

+ Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing (different/new)

+ Loss of taste or smell

+ Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain

+ Severe headache (new) with a fever

+ In close contact (less than 6ft for 15+ minutes w/o face covering) with someone who has or is suspected of having COVID-19

Symptoms at School

If a student develops symptoms while at school or arrives to school with symptoms, that student will

be isolated from others and a parent/guardian will be contacted and required to pick up the student immediately.

Face Covering Required

Face covering is required:

+ On the bus for the entire bus ride

+ Inside the school building

+ Whenever around other people

PreK Schedule

PreK students will attend school in-person four days each week:

+ Monday

+ Tuesday

+ Thursday

+ Friday

Everybody learns and completes assignments at home on Wednesday

K-4 Schedule

K-4 Students will attend 2 days in-person and learn at home 3 days:

+ Monday & Tuesday in-person = North of 460

+ Thursday & Friday in-person = South of 460

Everybody learns and completes assignments at home on Wednesday

Remote Learning Remains an Option

Parents continue to have the option to keep their students at home for remote learning while COVID-19 remains a pandemic.

Instructional videos and assignments will continue to be posted. Appointments may be made with teachers for support after school (2:45-4:00) or on Wednesday.

Specific details about instruction will be communicated by the teacher.

Student Hours

+ School starts at 8:20

+ School ends at 2:45

Buses will transport students to and from school.

Parents who can are encouraged to bring students to school in order to reduce numbers on the bus.

Teacher Hours

Teachers will be at school from 8AM - 4PM each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

On Wednesdays, teachers will be at school from 8AM - 1PM.


Breakfast and lunch will be served at school for students attending in-person.

Meals will continue to be delivered for those remaining with remote learning and on days that students are learning at-home.

A delivery schedule will be shared next week.

Riding the Bus

+ 1 student per seat

+ Students from same house may sit together on a seat

+ Alternating sitting next to window or on the aisle

+ Wear face covering the entire time on the bus

Keeping Classrooms Safe

+ Desks spaced at least 3 ft apart and/or skipped seats between students at tables

+ Teachers spray disinfectant on desks and other surfaces when students leave

+ Materials/supplies will not be shared by students

+ Students and teachers wear face coverings when inside the building and/or when around others

Keeping Schools Clean

+ Regular cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms throughout the day

+ High-touch surfaces wiped and/or disinfected throughout the day

+ Floors mopped daily at end of day

+ Water fountains not available for use

+ Wednesdays are deep cleaning/sanitation days

Reinforced Hygiene

+ Students will be reminded to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds multiple times during the day

+ Hand sanitizer in each classroom and in hallways

+ Students not feeling well are to be kept at home

+ Face covering is to be worn inside and whenever around others

Medication at School

Parents of students needing to take medicine while at school will need to contact the school’s nurse.

Please note that nebulizer - and other aerosol - treatments will not be provided at school.

Special Considerations

Parents desiring a different in-person schedule and/or who have concerns about any of the requirements for in-person learning should contact the school’s principal.

Dr. Harper, Amelia

Dr. Grimes, Nottoway

Amelia County Public Schools Nottoway County Public Schools

Dr. Lorena Harper Dr. Tameshia Grimes

According to the 1977 Agreement, the first chief administrative officer of the Joint Committee shall be the Superintendent of the Schools, who shall serve alternating two (2) year terms. Presently, Dr. Lorena Harper of Amelia County Public School is serving in her second year as the Executive Superintendent for Amelia-Nottoway Technical Center. 

Multiple Paths to Success!

George Washington U.S. President Earned a surveyor’s certificate

Soichiro Honda Founder of Honda Honda opted to be an apprentice auto repairman and later founded Honda Motor Company.

Mary Kay Ash Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics Mary Kay Ash did not pursue a college education, but found success in the cosmetics business.

Ingvar Kampard Ikea Founder Ingvar struggled with dyslexia, but was able to start Ikea with no higher education.  



Congratulations to Mrs. Vronek on being selected to help rewrite the CMAC (Clinical Medical Assistant) exam. We are so very proud!


AMCA’s Mission

The AMCA’s mission is to improve the quality of patient care while helping individuals become marketable in today’s ever-changing workforce. The AMCA is committed to working together with schools and organizations to develop quality allied healthcare professionals.










Nottoway Cosmos!

Learning while social distancing

Getting ready for a great career!

Cosmo's hard at work!

Height and Weight Time!

Working on the Patient's Chart!

MA's learning their trade!

Learning the ropes!

Learning to work the lift in Auto Body class

Tuesday morning MA class!

Height and Weight checks

Learning to measure infants

Blood Pressure Check

Cosmetology Lab ready for Students

Vehicles for Auto Body Students

Medical Asst. Learning Station

Mrs. Rajah getting her planning done for her Cosmetology students

Mr. Spradlin in his Auto Body classroom engaging with students

Mrs. Vronek teaching Phlebotomy

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Amelia-Nottoway Technical Center (ANTC) is extremely happy to once again welcome ANTC students. The ANTC staff is very passionate about career and technical education and we look forward to working to provide our students with rigorous and relevant academic experiences. ANTC will always strive to provide outstanding programs in an environment where students prepare for meaningful employment. We look forward to working with our students who are Preparing Today for Success Tomorrow. 

Valarie Harris


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February Teacher of the Month

Mr. Shaun Spradlin

Auto Body Technology Teacher

       February Student of the Month
Samantha Alzate
Criminal Justice Student

January Employee of the Month

Ms. Sue Brown, Finance Mgr.

January Student of the Month

Jose Alvarez

Medical Assistant Student

November Employee of the Month

Mrs. Dushunna Scott

Criminal Justice Teacher

November Student of the Month

James Boudreau

 Auto Body Technology

October Employee of the Month

Mrs. Lakeisha Lawson

October Student of the Month

Emerald Logue

ANTC Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness

September Employee of the Month

Mrs. Arlene Robertson


Our team is dedicated to keeping our students safe, and our students' health and well-being are included in those efforts. We've heard a lot about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and want to assure you that we are focused on keeping our schools clean, as well as reminding our students of good hygiene habits.

Click here for tips from the Virginia Department of Health on preventing the spread of the virus.

Click here for more information from the Centers for Disease Control.  

​Amelia-Nottoway Technical Center is located in the town of Jetersville in Nottoway County, Virginia. High school students in the counties of Amelia, Nottoway, and Cumberland are afforded the opportunities to be transported to the center for Career and Technical Education programs. Currently, the following CTE programs are being offered:

Auto Body Technology


Medical Assistant

Nurse Aide

The school has developed the philosophy that all people, regardless of race, sex, color, or national origin should have the advantages of educational opportunities, to the extent of their abilities. The school's educational programs should prepare and educate students for an ever-changing society. During the educational process, the school's staff utilizes all available resources, agencies, and organizations within the community to guarantee some degree of success in overcoming barriers for our students.

Amelia Nottoway Technical Center also houses the Piedmont Alternative School for Nottoway County students.